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  • There are five universities in Konya, two being public and three private, namely Selçuk University, Necmettin Erbakan University, KTO Karatay University, Konya Food and Agriculture University and Mevlana University.

  • Konya hosts 3 medical schools: Meram Medical School, a faculty of Necmettin Erbakan University, KTO Karatay Medical School  and Selçuklu Medical School, a faculty of Selçuk University.

  • Konya is 5th in Turkey with 1.632 schools, with a rational ratio of 3,04% and 9th with 459.537 students with the ratio of 2,80%.

  • Being a prominent center for vocational and technical education, Konya hosts 184 schools and 86.255 students. Konya is 5th in Turkey in both these categories.

  • More schools are opening in Konya for forthcoming sectors. Shoemaking Vocational School for Girls in Aykent Shoemakers Industrial Site is a good example.

  • Being 8th in Turkey with 169.700 university graduates, Konya has an educated population. Konya also hosts 12.894 master’s degree holders (6th),  4.434 PhDs (4th) and over 90.000 university students (5th).

  • Konya hosts 4.565 academics with 610 of them being professors. Konya is 4th in Turkey in both these categories.

  • Konya also hosts vocational schools of higher education providing qualified workforce to various sectors.

  • English medium schools are also present in Konya for the education of investors’ children.

  • Konya hosts 801 preschool education institutions.

  • Schooling rate for Konya is 43,73% for preschool and 96,79% for school-age. Schooling rate at the high school level is 79,15%

  • 47 of the 1509 non-formal education centers in Turkey are in Konya.

  • Konya is over the national average of 21,3 regarding the number of students per teacher with 19,5 on high school levels. The number is 16,1 students per teacher at primary level.

  • Selçuk University, with over 70.000 students 21 faculties, 6 institutes, 28 research centres and a conservatory, is the biggest university in the city. The other state university, Necmettin Erbakan University has 14 faculties and  4 institutes with over 25.000 students.

  • KTO Karatay University educates over 1.500 students in 8 faculties, 2 institutes and two research centres and Mevlana University has 1.600 students in 6 faculties, 2 vocational schools, 3 institutes and 2 research centres

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