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Culture and Tourism  




• Konya has been a host for many cultures and civilizations with its rich historical past. Konya , which has been a home for the first Christian settlement and sanctuaries, has a very important potential in culture tourism. In this context, Konya has been aiming to be one of the important centers for Cultural tourism besides religious tourism.

• There is one UNESCO World Heritage Site (Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük) and four in UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in Konya (Eşrefoğlu Mosque, Konya -A Capital of  Seljuk Civilisation, Anatolian Seljuk Medrasas and Eflatunpınar: Hitite Water Monument)

• Important historical values like Sille (Siyata), Aya Elena Church, Kilistra Antique City, Eflatunpınar Hittite Monument, Çatalhöyük, Karahöyük, İvriz Rock Reliefs, Bolat, Nekropol ve Bouleterion has been showing the potential of Konya in terms of Cultural tourism.

• Traditional handicrafts and folcloric values of Konya are a part of Cultural tourism. Various crafts such as felt and carpet production, spoon making, rifle production, pottery and calligraphy attracts foreign tourists to Konya. Semah, folk dances and sufi music forms the main folkloric values of Konya.

• Konya carries histroical marks spanning 9 millenia. Konya has a very rich heritage such as ruins, historical and natural protected areas, caverns and civil architecture.

• Konya, once the capital city of Seljuk Sultanae of Rum, has an important tourism potential with Rumi and Nasrettin Hodja who are well known personalities worldwide.

• Konya has a total bedding capacity of 4.663 in facilities with tourism operation license. There are also 29 restaurants with tourism operation license and 110 travel agencies.

• There are 11 museums in Konya, 7 of which are downtown (Mevlana, Karatay Madrasa, İnceminare, Sırçalı Medrese, Atatürk, Etnography and Archeology Museum) and 4 are in districts.(Çatalhöyük Museum, Ereğli Museum, Akşehir West Front Encampment Museum and Akşehir Archeology Museum.)

• In 2014, almost 2.5 million people have visited museums of Konya.

• There are 2 handwritten artifacts museums in Konya; Region Handwritten Works Library and Yusufağa Library. There are 18.118 handwritten works and 75.503 printed books and a total of 91.621 books in these libraries.



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